All Scientific and Medical Advancements Prolong Life

Figure-1 Human life span by year as medical interventions appeared

Association Between Aging and Disease

The Primary Connection between Aging and Disease is mTOR.

Figure 2: The mTOR signaling system
Figure 3: Signal network map of mTOR(10)

Short History of a 30-Year-Old Drug: Rapamycin

The Growth, Aging, Disease, Death Continuum Examined

Figure 4
Figure 5

Is it Possible You're Actually 20 Years Younger than you think you are?

Compelling Evidence of the Disease Prevenative, Ant-aging Effects of Rapamycin

Figure-6 Rapamycin in various animal models

Therapeutic Range of Rapamycin: Disease Treatment; Disease Prevention and Antiaging

Table 2

As the inevitability of Aging Dies, Antiaging Research Explodes

The Safety and Relative Risk of Taking Rapamycin

Pharmaceutical strategies to optimize the profitability of unpatentable or off patent drugs.

Is Rapamycin, the Best Candidate to address Disease Prevention?

Figure 7

Why No Large Government Sponsored Studies?

Getting the Answer




My professional work experience was focused on coding, clinical drug development and biotech consulting. I currentely own and opperate

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